We Are All Alone

Danish buildings as powerful and moody artifacts.

I focus on “ordinary” architectural buildings and turn them into desolate containers. In my photographs you rarely see people. The mood is lonely and cold, as if the viewer were the last person on earth; my goal to make the viewer concentrate on the image of the building.

Fog is a frequent element in my imagery (it is actually one of my favorite weather elements), which makes the images seem even moodier. I create my work to the tones of Sigur Rós, Hammock, M83, Max Richter, Trentemøller — the list goes on. These musicians often inform my creative process, for instance, while on location on a shoot or at my office on post-production. Other influences include the films Blade Runner, Twin Peaks, The Shinning — this list goes on too.

The feeling of being lonely is something we can all relate to; and being able to control that feeling, to hang on to it — in a world that seems to be shrinking all the time due to the connective power of global media networks — is a powerful thing. Like humans, individual buildings are unique; they stand “alone.”

Kim Høltermand, “We Are All Alone,” Places Journal, June 2010. Accessed 28 Sep 2023. https://doi.org/10.22269/100619

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  • jason gamm

    06.22.2010 at 13:07

    just beautiful, kim (in the lonely + cold sense of course!)

  • Angel Steger

    06.26.2010 at 19:15

    Really lovely balance of sensuality and abstraction. It's like how work is imagined before it's built.