where’s carolina?

This summer, we present a special series on poems as maps. Read the introduction to the series.

east of childhood, north of
                     capitol offenses, just west
       of a big blue treasure chest :
                            wet coffin of neglected bones.
              in the veins, unnoticed as
a pulse. at a counter : sitting in
       varicolored eloquence. behind
                            the mystery of the magnet. home
              of horton, poetry’s bondsman :
                     between anger and awe. below
the line, overrated, underestimated.
                     helms territory : within a belt,
       an expanding waste. atop hades :
                            persephone’s threshold. beside
cloud-hooded mountains.
              outside time : a coltrane solo.
                            far from fatal. after all.

Editors’ Note

“where’s carolina?,” is from the new black, © 2011 by Evie Shockley. Published by Wesleyan University Press. Used by permission.

About the Series: Poems as Maps

Our series on poems as maps features work by Elizabeth Alexander, Bao Phi, Joanne Diaz, Nikky Finney, Sean Hill, Andrea Jenkins, Douglas Kearney, J. Drew Lanham, Claudia Rankine, Barbara Jane Reyes, Sun Yung Shin, Evie Shockley, and Ocean Vuong.

Evie Shockley, “where’s carolina?,” Places Journal, August 2017. Accessed 08 Aug 2022. <>

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