Andrew L. Hipp

Andrew L. Hipp, Ph.D., is the senior scientist in plant systematics and Herbarium Director at the Morton Arboretum and a lecturer at the University of Chicago. His research integrates the tools of genomics, phylogenetics, comparative biology, and community ecology to understand the shape and timing of the plant Tree of Life and how its species have arisen and shaped our world.

Hipp was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 2014 for his work on the evolution of oak diversity and a 2018 Distinguished Informal Science Education Award by the National Science Teachers Association. He is the author of Field Guide to Wisconsin Sedges (University of Wisconsin Press, 2008) and sixteen children’s books on a variety of natural history topics (Powerkids Press, 2002-2004), as well as more than 100 academic articles and book chapters. His creative work has appeared in Arnoldia, Scientific American, and International Oaks: The Journal of the International Oak Society, as well as on his natural history blog, A Botanist’s Field Notes.