Center for Urban Pedagogy

The Center for Urban Pedagogy makes educational projects about places and how they change. The Brooklyn-based organization is inspired by the idea that the power of imagination is central to the practice of democracy, and that the work of governing must engage the dreams and visions of citizens.

CUP projects bring together art and design professionals — artists, graphic designers, architects, urban planners — with community-based advocates and researchers — organizers, government officials, academics, service-providers and policymakers. These partners work with CUP staff to create projects ranging from high school curricula to educational toolkits to exhibitions and videos.

CUP projects include Important Housing Rights, Garbage Problems, Detroit Do Your Thing!, The Water Underground, and The Internet is Serious Business. Collaborators include Sustainable South Bronx, Place in History, the Municipal Arts Society, the Fifth Avenue Committee, REPOHistory, Temporary Services, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, Global Kids, the Good Old Lower East Side, the Public Housing Residents of the Lower East Side, the Legal Aid Society, the Community Service Society of New York, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, the Fiscal Policy Institute, the Met Council on Housing, and the New York City Public Housing Residents Alliance.

Christine Gaspar is Executive Director of CUP. Valeria Mogilevich leads Youth Education programming, John Mangin leads Community Education programming, and  Lize Mogel is Grants Associate.