Hillary Mushkin

Hillary Mushkin is an artist and a research professor of art and design at California Institute of Technology.

Mushkin’s art and research are focused on the limits and power of human and technological observation. She is founder of Incendiary Traces, an art-and-research initiative to collaboratively reverse-engineer the politics of landscape visualization. She is also co-founder of Data to Discovery, a data visualization, art, and design group based at NASA/JPL, Caltech, and Art Center College of Design that engages co-design and visual practices to influence the production of scientific knowledge. Her art work has been exhibited at the Getty Museum (Los Angeles), Freud Museum (London), nGbK (Berlin), and Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum (Mexico City). Hillary Mushkin: Incendiary Traces was published by the Pomona College Museum of Art in 2017. Her collaborations with Data to Discovery have developed into tools to increase scientific understanding of Mars, the earth’s environment, and climate change.