Iman Ansari

Iman Ansari is a designer and educator based in Los Angeles.

He is a founding principal of AN.ONYMOUS, and currently a faculty member at USC School of Architecture. His research examines the role of architecture in the development of medical knowledge and practice in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in the United States. He has contributed to multiple books and edited volumes on architectural history and theory, landscape architecture and urbanism. His writings have appeared in journals such as Architectural Theory Review, Journal for the Society of Architectural Historians, Places Journal, Log, Metropolis, Room One Thousand, Architect’s Newspaper, and Architectural Review, among others. Ansari holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the City College of New York, and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in History and Theory of Architecture at UCLA.


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