Jason Griffiths

Jason Griffiths is an assistant professor of architecture at the Design School at Arizona State University.

Jason gained his professional qualification at the Bartlett UK and is a partner of Gino Griffiths Architects in collaboration with Alex Gino. Jason’s teaching career is paralleled with competition work, and his work has been awarded prizes in the Temple of Laughter; Millennium Café; Future Visions of Kyoto; Aomori Housing, Shinkenchiku Residential Design; and the Oklahoma Memorial.

Jason’s teaching explores the design build studio as a vehicle for research interests in both digital fabrication and contemporary iconography. Completed works include the Arts Pavilion for Iowa State University, Sioux City Bus Stops, and the Dining Pavilion at ASU. He is currently building a house in the Mojave Desert in collaboration with Alex Gino. Jason has been published in many academic and professional journals including the Journal of Architecture, Architecture, Sunday Times, World Architecture, Building Design and Architect’s Journal.