Marc Wilson

Marc Wilson, working in the genre of documentary landscape photography, focuses on subjects that involve human interaction with the surrounding landscape.

He has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, in the UK, Milan, Grenoble and New York. Exhibitions include The Terry O’Neill Award, 2013, The Royal Armouries Museum in Portsmouth and Leeds, the inaugural solo shows at the Back Hill and Now Showing galleries (London); a solo show at Focal Point gallery, Southend, and group shows at Art 2001, Photo2005, The Photographers Gallery, The Association of Photographers gallery and Lucy Bell Fine Art.

His current work, The Last Stand, photographed between 2010 and 2013 and currently made up of 43 images, aims to reflect the histories, stories and memories of military conflict. He is documenting some of the physical remnants of the Second World War on the coastlines of the British Isles and northern Europe, focusing on military defense structures that remain and their place in the shifting landscape that surrounds them.