Menna Agha

Menna Agha is an architect, and an assistant professor of design and spatial justice at Carleton University. Before that she coordinated a spatial justice agenda at the Flanders Architecture Institute in Belgium. Agha holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Antwerp, and a Master of Arts in Gender and Design from Köln International School of Design. In 2019-2020, she was the Spatial Justice Fellow and a visiting assistant professor at the University of Oregon.

Agha is a third-generation displaced Fadicha Nubian, a legacy that infuses her research interests in race, gender, space, and territory.  Her publications include the articles “Nubia Still Exists: The Utility of the Nostalgic Space” (2019); “The Non-Work of the Unimportant: The Shadow Economy of Nubian Women in Displacement Villages” (2019); and “Liminal Publics, Marginal Resistance: Learning from Nubian Spaces” (2017).