Nikolaus Hirsch

Nikolaus Hirsch is an architect, educator, curator, and editor, and the co-founder of e-flux architecture.

He has served as director of St├Ądelschule and Portikus in Frankfurt, and held academic positions at the Architectural Association in London and the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. His multimedia work includes such award-winning projects as the Dresden Synagogue, Hinzert Document Center, Bockenheimer Depot Theater (with William Forsythe), Unitednationsplaza (with Anton Vidokle) and the European Kunsthalle, and numerous exhibitions structures such as Bruno Latour’s “Making Things Public” (ZKM) and “Indian Highway” (Serpentine Gallery). His projects include the Cybermohalla Hub in Delhi and a studio structure for Rirkrit Tiravanija’s “The Land.” Hirsch curated “ErsatzStadt: Representations of the Urban” in Berlin (2005), “Cultural Agencies” in Istanbul (2009) and “Time/Bank” at the Portikus (2011). He is the author of On Boundaries, Track 17 and Institution Building.