Rashad Shabazz

Rashad Shabazz is an associate professor in African American studies and geography at Arizona State University. His scholarship brings together human geography, cultural studies, gender studies, critical race studies, and geographies of music to explore how race, cultural production, gender, and music are informed by geography. His recent work Spatializing Blackness (University of Illinois Press, 2015) examines how carceral power within the geographies of Black Chicagoans shaped urban planning, housing policy, policing practices, gang formation, high incarceration rates, masculinity, and health.

Professor Shabazz’s work has appeared in Souls, The Spatial-Justice Journal, ACME, Gender, Place & Culture, Cultural Geography, and Occasions; he has also published several book chapters and book reviews. He is currently working on a book about the musical geography of Minneapolis and the music of Prince.