Sarah Lappin

Dr. Sarah A. Lappin is Head of Architecture at Queens University Belfast.

She is co-founder of the All-Ireland Architectural Research Group, and is past Chair of the Steering Group of the Architectural Humanities Research Association. Her research interests include architecture and identity and twentieth century architectural history, and she has recently been concentrating on manifestations of identity in 20th century on the island of Ireland, including research into the Festival of Britain (published in the volume AHRA Critiques series Peripheries in 2012).  Her research into modernism and its local manifestations in Ireland acted as part of the Irish pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale for Architecture. Her book, Full Irish: New Architecture in Ireland (Princeton Architectural Press) was published in 2009.

Additionally, with Dr Gasia Ouzounian (Oxford University, Music), she co-directs the research group Recomposing the City: Sonic Art & Urban Architectures, which investigates how collaborations between sound artists and architects can generate new ways of understanding, analyzing and transforming urban environments.