145 Years of Architecture at MIT

MIT installation by Joel Lamere and Cynthia Gunadi
Overliner, by Joel Lamere and Cynthia Gunadi, a FAST Light installation that will appear in March.

This spring the Massachusetts Institute of Technology celebrates its 150th anniversary with a series of events and exhibits honoring the Institute’s past and envisioning its future. The School of Architecture + Planning — the first architecture department in the country, now 145 years old — will play a central role in the festivities.

One of the most visible events on campus will be FAST Light, curated by architectural design professor Meejin Yoon, a series of events and installations that seeks to highlight MIT’s leadership in energy-efficient technologies while demonstrating how technology, invention and fantasy can transform the physical environment.

From late February through early May, a growing collection of architectural pavilions, sculptural installations and artworks incorporating sound, light and innovation will spring up throughout the campus, created by MIT faculty and students. The culminating event at dusk on May 7 along the Charles River will feature a night of kinetic illumination kicked off by Otto Piene’s SKY Event.

Read more about the MIT 150 festivities, the FAST Festival, and the FAST Light installations on the MIT website.

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