Georgia Tech Appoints New Chair of Architecture

Architect and cultural historian George B. Johnston has been appointed the first chair of the Georgia Tech School of Architecture, after the College of Architecture reorganized into five schools last year.

Johnston joined the faculty of Georgia Tech in 1984 and was promoted to the rank of professor in 2010. He received a B.A. in Architecture from Mississippi State University in 1979, an M.A. in Architecture from Rice University in 1984 and a Ph.D. in American Cultural History from Emory University in 2006.

His teaching and ongoing projects address questions of how the profession of architecture, through traditional and emerging tools of practice, both perpetuates and challenges social and cultural conventions. His recent book, Drafting Culture: A Social History of Architectural Graphic Standards (MIT Press 2008), has been praised for its provocative insights and its relevance to present debates surrounding the advancement of architectural practice.

In his first statement as chair, Johnston noted, “The digital-age practice of architecture will rise on creative contact between design and research across fields and disciplinary boundaries. And it will require flexibility and an enterprising spirit that comes from engaging the world through community action and international exchange, from weighing the human benefits and environmental costs in all we do.”

Read more about the announcement on the Georgia Tech School of Architecture website.

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