Georgia Tech Offers Masters in Urban Design

Architecture Library at Georgia Tech.

The Georgia Tech College of Architecture has announced that it will offer a new Master of Science in Urban Design degree beginning in Fall 2011.

The three-semester post-professional degree program is interdisciplinary, preparing architects, landscape architects and city planners to develop design proposals at street and neighborhood scales and the strategies to implement them. It will be jointly supported by the School of Architecture, the School of City and Regional Planning, and the Georgia Tech Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development.

“The processes of urbanization and development both here and around the world are intensifying,” said George Johnston, interim chair of the Georgia Tech School of Architecture. “The Master of Science in Urban Design from Georgia Tech prepares students to meet these challenges collaboratively and intelligently, within the context of one of the nation’s premier technological research universities.”

The application deadline is January 15, 2011, for admission next fall.

Read more about the new program here.

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