Imagining – A Better Future

Keynote: 3.12.2010
Debate and Discussions: 3.13.2010

The Georgia Tech College of Architecture is hosting a major symposium as part of its T. Gordon Little Lecture Series in the Imagination on March 12, 2010. It is called IMAGINING — A Better Future, and will feature debates and discussions with Thom Mayne, Liz Diller, Michael Meredith, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Paul Finch, Jeffrey Kipnis, Alan Balfour, Jennifer Bonner and Mack Scogin. Location is Reinsch-Pierce Family Auditorium, Georgia Tech College of Architecture. Coffee and registration begins 8:30 a.m.; opening session at 9 a.m. Bios, parking and registration (required).

To register or for more information visit the Georgia Tech website.

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