New M.Arch Degrees at Woodbury

The Woodbury University School of Architecture has extended its M.Arch program to the San Diego campus, which will offer two-year and three-year degrees beginning in Fall 2013. These programs build on the successful M.Arch offerings first launched on the Los Angeles–Burbank campus in 2008 as well as existing one-year graduate programs at San Diego.

The School of Architecture occupies a renovated warehouse in San Diego’s Barrio Logan district. Sited between downtown and the naval shipyards, the campus is a center of cultural and architectural activity in a diverse neighborhood, and faculty and students play an active role in shaping the cultural and economic future of the area through events, workshops and outreach. Because the school is in proximity to the Tijuana border, its programs address issues of contested landscapes, identity and politics. A Fieldwork study-away design studio is at the core of the two-year and three-year M.Arch.

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