Phoenix – Barcelona: Cities in Transformation

Cities in Transformation

Symposium: 2.8.2010
Exhibition: 2.8.2010 – 2.26.2010

Phoenix and Barcelona emerged and evolved in different geographical and cultural contexts. Through time they have developed distinct architectural and design traditions, and both cities share the determination to shape their future through designs related to their respective regions.

This month ASU will sponsor a symposium and exhibition, Phoenix – Barcelona: Cities in Transformation, which builds on the work of a previous exhibition and symposium, The Desert as a Client, held in Barcelona in October 2009. There, a group of architects, interior designers, artists and critics discussed Phoenix-based projects, identified key topics of shared interest, and initiated a productive dialogue. This latest event in Phoenix shifts the focus to the work of Barcelona-based architects, and will engage the students at ASU and the professional community.

Barcelona architectural practices represented in the exhibit include:
Alday Jover
Bailo Rull
Calderon-Folch Arquitectes
Coll – Leclerc
EMBT, Enric Miralles-Benedetta Taglibue
Flores & Prats. Arquitectes
Roig i Batlle.

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