Where Are the Women Architects? Places Books Launches with Events in NYC and SF

Where Are the Women Architects

Places Journal is pleased to announce the publication of the first volume of Places Books, which will be celebrated with book talks on April 19, at the Center for Architecture in New York City, and April 27, at the AIA San Francisco.

Author Despina Stratigakos and Places editor Nancy Levinson will participate in both events. They’ll be joined in New York by Lori Brown and Joan Blumenfeld, and in San Francisco by Rosa T. Sheng and Deanna Van Buren. Attendees are encouraged to register in advance.

Where Are the Women Architects?, by Despina Stratigakos, is a timely and provocative critique of the status of women in architecture. Ranging from the turn of the 20th century to the contemporary scene, Stratigakos explores the rise of feminist consciousness among female architects, the contentious role of prizes, the persistence of the “boy’s club” mentality, the campaign for Architect Barbie, and the troubling forces that cause many women to leave the profession.

The new series Places Books, published by Princeton University Press in association with Places Journal, presents smart, lively titles on architecture, landscape, and urbanism. Books are developed from selected Places articles, which are expanded into compact and accessible volumes with the aim of inciting dialogue across disciplines.

Where Are the Women Architects? includes two chapters expanded from Places articles: “What I Learned from Architect Barbie” (June 2011) and “Unforgetting Women Architects” (August 2013).