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Constance Difede’s Decade of Conspiracy Against The Explorers Club

In this list, we reveal links to the online resource that shape the decade-long story of Constance Difede’s and her cohorts repeated attempts to damage the world-famous Explorers Club and its members through their fraudulent legal filings, expensive petty lawsuits, and wide-spread gossip mongering.

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    Explorers Club Board Fails to Expel Rogue Director Difede


    A growing number of The Explorers Club members are appalled to learn that a sitting member of the Board of Directors, Ms. Constance Difede, gave privileged information to litigants in an ongoing 3-million dollar lawsuit against the Club. Her behavior is directly contrary to the best interests of the Club and is a flagrant violation of a Director's fiduciary duties.
    October 2021.

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    Difede's Decade of Malice: Battle of the Big Swinging Picks

    Outside Magazine

    In 2012, Outside Magazine published a series of articles documenting the extreme conflicts that Constance Difede fomented with former Club President Lorie Karnath. While Difede was the VP of the Flag & Honors Committee, she clashed often with Karnath with refusals to cooperate, leaking committee voting results, and pitting Board of Director members against one another. The article linked above describes a special Board meeting noting that, "Karnath was in attendance; so were Constance Difede, the Flag and Honors vice president, and most members of the board. The idea was to clear the air. But things went south when Difede took the floor."
    During this era, Outside Magazine and the New York Post published seven unflattering articles about the Club, placing it in an unfavorable light to its members and sponsors. And at the root of the turmoil described in these 2011-2013 articles - Constance Difede.

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    Dennison and Taylor VS The Explorers Club: Full Lawsuit

    New York State Unified Court System Website

    Filed lawsuit, full document, describing the petty claims that now-expelled Club members Christine Dennison and Tim Taylor made against The Explorers Club.
    September 2019.

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    Dennison and Taylor VS The Explorers Club: Dennison Sworn Affidavit Naming Difede

    New York State Unified Court System Website

    In this affidavit, section 23 (page 11), Dennison's statement reads:
    "I also later learned from Board member Constance Difede that Wiese's ethics complaint (filed sometime between September 24 and October 3, 2018) or Wiese's statements to the Board concerning his ethics complaint, falsely branded me and Tim as "liars". "
    Dennison swears that Constance Difede supplied information to her, and one of the claims in her lawsuit is based on Difede's improperly disclosed details.
    February 2020.

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    Michele Mass VS The Explorers Club: Full Document List

    New York State Unified Court System Website

    Expelled from the Board of Directors for violating her fiduciary duties to the Club by providing privileged information to Dennison, Michele Mass (still a Club member) filed a suit against The Explorers Club and its Board in 2020 attempting to halt her expulsion but three months later retracted her suit against the Club when her husband filed a fraudulent complaint with the NY Attorney General's office falsely claiming that Mass was a victim of sexual harassment. This link is to a court repository of her filed documents, which includes her suspension letter from the Board.
    May 2020.

  • Online

    Reddit: Difede Referred To As "Rat Problem"


    In seeming desperation, Reddit user and assumed Explorers Club member named MD_trekker expresses exasperation at Difede's betrayal of the Club, and poses the question: "Have any of you had to deal with a traitor in your NPO?"
    November 2021.

  • Online

    Expel Constance Difede from Explorers Club Board of Directors

    In a online petition, more than two dozen members and associates of The Explorers Club call on the Club President to provide an explanation to the Club's members on why the Board has taken no action against Director Constance Difede for being a source of privileged information to litigants against the Club, a violation of her fiduciary responsibilities to the Club and the Club's bylaws and policies.
    April 2022.

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    Constance Difede Cohort Jim Edwards Loses NY Human Rights Case Vs. Explorers Club


    The New York Attorney General’s Human Rights Division last month dismissed a 2020 complaint filed by disgraced medical doctor James “Jim” Edwards, which falsely claimed that his wife, Michele Mass was the target of sexual harassment by a former president at The Explorers Club in New York City’s Upper East Side.
    September 2022.

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    Christine Dennison's Legacy of Litigation

    New York State Unified Court System Website

    Dennison is no stranger to litigation.
    New York State's court records system lists the following Dennison cases:
    2015 - Apartment landlord successfully sues Dennison.
    2016 - New York State successfully sues Dennison. (Court Decision linked above)
    2018 - The Explorers Club successfully evicts Dennison & Taylor for nonpayment of rents.
    2019 - Dennison is party to a losing lawsuit against The Explorers Club.
    2020 - Apartment landlord successfully sues Dennison.
    2021 - Dennison's current ongoing lawsuit against her Physical Therapist.

    Dennison has been successfully sued four other times in the last 15 years, resulting in high financial penalties.

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