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Sarah Ichioka

National Parks Board, Singapore

CUGE Research Fellowship Background Reading 2

  • Online

    A survey of community gardens in upstate New York:

    Health & Place

    Twenty community garden programs in upstate New York (representing 63 gardens) were surveyed to identify characteristics that may be useful to facilitate neighborhood development and health promotion. The most commonly expressed reasons for participating in gardens were access to fresh foods, to enjoy nature, and health benefits. Gardens in low-income neighborhoods (46%) were four times as likely as non low-income gardens to lead to other issues in the neighborhood being addressed; reportedly due to organizing facilitated through the community gardens. Additional research on community gardening can improve our understanding of the interaction of social and physical environments and community health, and effective strategies for empowerment, development, and health promotion.

  • GC Singapore Next Cycle ULI Asia Pacific July 2015 TM EM GC.pdf

    ULI (conference presentation)

    Conference presentation shared privately

  • Investigating The Future of Cities

    UK Future of Cities Foresight Project

    Conference presentation shared privately

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    ULX: Incorporating Urban Agriculture

    Urban Land: the magazine of the Urban Land Institute

    Urban agriculture is a sustainable strategy. Eating locally grown food helps reduce the distance from farm to table, lowering carbon emissions related to transporting food and enhancing food security. The rise of the locavore movement dovetails with an increased awareness of the health benefits of choosing fresh vegetables and fruits over highly processed foods. In response, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, developers, and entrepreneurs are bringing agrarian practices into the city, shrinking food deserts, helping educate people about gardening practices, and reconnecting city dwellers to the source of their food.

  • Urban Agriculture: Practices to Improve Cities

    Urban Land: the magazine of the Urban Land Institute

    The distribution processes for food are complex and lead to serious questions concerning how much we know about our food and its path to the table. How integrated are these processes? What can be learned and built upon for the practice of urban planning and design? How can more systematic responses be formulated? And what role can ULI members play?

  • Garden cities : theory & practice of agrarian urbanism

    The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment

    Review here:

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    From City in a Garden to Garden City

    Ministry of National Development

    Government promotional document

  • pdf

    From Garden City to City in a Garden

    Ministry of National Development

    PDF: government promotional document

  • Online

    Urban farming is booming, but what does it really yield?


    The benefits of city-based agriculture go far beyond nutrition.

  • Online

    Community gardens in urban areas: A critical reflection on the extent to which they strengthen social cohesion and provide alternative food

    Rural Sociology Wageningen University

    PhD Thesis

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