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Andy Lock & Fiona Maclaren

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In Place of Architecture

This list arises out of an exhibition, titled In Place of Architecture, held at Nottingham Trent University’s Bonington Gallery between November and December 2015.

The show, containing the work of thirteen practitioners, explored the themes emergent from the relationships between architecture and its representations in contemporary photography and film making. The exhibition took as it’s starting point the dual notions that so much of the architecture we now encounter, we encounter through photographs, while the photograph, never neutral in its representations, always reconstructs the architecture it depicts in a particular way. The artists participating in the show were each invited to submit a bibliography based on the books, essays films and other media which had influenced or inspired the development of their own work. From this list we created “reading room” as part of the In Place of Architecture exhibition. It is our ambition that this reading room should become an evolving resource available to artists and architects who have an interest in the complex relationships between photography, film making and architecture.

The In Place of Architecture exhibition was accompanied by a symposium of the same name which, drawing on the voices of practitioners, historians and writers, like the show, explored the representation and ‘reconstruction’ of architecture in contemporary photographic and film making practice.


  • The Eyes of the Skin, Architecture and the Senses

    John Wiley & Sons

    Pallasmaa's writing, in questioning the ocularcentric nature of our modern engagement with architecture, helps to question the limitations and possibilities of photography's power to convey what is essential to our experience of architecture

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