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2030 _ The year civilisation will end.  How to fix the trial of global warming, popultions collapse and antibiotic failure.


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    "Free as air and water"

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    An electronic version of my fifth book on climate change and population has just been published. I hope that I have assembled enough logic and evidence to point out to students that we certainly have a problem with global warming but also a range of other, quite serious risks, and one of the fundamental solutions.Despite the main title (chosen by my publisher), the sub-title of “How to fix the triad of global warming, population collapse and antibiotic failure” is not only science-based, it is a 5 million tonnes of experience-based route to having a significant and deliverable route to building a global Bio-Active Carbon Sink., Including some of my own peer-reviewed work, it is a compelling read and “2030 The Year Civilisation Will Die” can be downloaded at

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