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Suruchi Sharma

Rajiv Gandhi Technical University

Place: India and around

Articles I found related to the Indian subcontinent and surrounding regions, countries which relate to problems, issues and solutions to the same.

  • Online

    Approaching Calcutta

    Places Journal

    Photographs of a once great but now peripheral city, where planning unfolds as if without a map.

  • Online

    Across the Threshold: Calcutta

    Places Journal

    In her photographs of Kolkata, Laura McPhee averts her camera from the obvious strains of rapid redevelopment; her pictures explore the complex layering of colonial, native, immigrant, and global textures.

  • Online

    People’s Way: Urban Mobility in Ahmedabad

    Places Journal

    The new bus rapid transit in Ahmedabad mixes transit innovation and traditional culture — and even offers yoga classes for drivers.

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