Mireille Roddier

Mireille Roddier is an associate professor of architecture at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

Since 1994 she has shared a practice with Keith Mitnick. Their work has received numerous awards, including the Architecture League of New York’s Young Architects Prize and Architectural Record’s 2005 Design Vanguard. Roddier’s critical writings have appeared in the Architectural Review and Volume. In 2012, in collaboration with Anya Sirota + Akoaki, she co-founded the Metropolitan Observatory for Digital Culture and Representation, which organized “Imaging Detroit,” a documentary film festival/symposium that focused on the various representations of Detroit. Roddier is author of Lavoirs: Washhouses of Rural France, which is based upon her research into working-class public patrimony. She is currently a fellow of the Institute for the Humanities at University of Michigan.