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Cities that are growing and cities that are shrinking, environmental health and racial equity, climate change, resource scarcity, technological innovation — all demand that we rethink how we plan, design, construct, and maintain the built environment. These challenges also demand that serious design thinking and practice move from the margins to the center of the larger cultural discussion.

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Recent Highlights

The Inequality Chronicles

Our series on urban inequality in American cities has resonated from public radio to legislative halls.

Future Archive

Our series on significant works of 19th- and 20th-century criticism or history brings significant writings to a new generation of readers.

History of the Present

Our series on global cities in transition, which began with articles on Yangon and Havana, has continued with major features on Belgrade, Mexico City, and Manchester.

Places Books

Our collaborative series with Princeton University Press now includes Where Are the Women Architects? and A City Is Not a Computer.

Field Notes: Design Activism

For this narrative survey, scholars and practitioners share perspectives on the issues they consider most urgent, and offer ideas for specific actions and practical interventions.

Writing the City

Our collaboration with Columbia Journalism School gives early-career journalists the opportunity to pursue an ambitious story that might otherwise receive scant attention,

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