Aleix Plademunt, New Facebook Headquarters, Palo Alto. [Cropped; see original in slideshow]

Material World

The internet is so effortlessly immersive that we can think of it as being somewhere, rather than reading something. That’s a disconcerting thought, given that human consciousness depends on our experience of real space and time. Aaron Rothman presents the work of four photographers who are examining the messy interfaces between digital infrastructures and our material selves.

Tweeting from the parking lot. Routing a phone call through a fake boulder. In these photos, we see the mundane landscapes where humans meet digital infrastructures.




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  • Keith Eggener
  • Despina Stratigakos
  • Naomi Stead

Shannon Mattern

Shannon Mattern is a columnist for Places. She is Associate Professor in the School of Media Studies at The New School in New York.

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Keith Eggener

Keith Eggener is a columnist for Places. He is Marion Dean Ross Professor of Architectural History at the University of Oregon.

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Despina Stratigakos

Despina Stratigakos is a columnist for Places. She is an internationally recognized historian and interim chair of the architecture department at the University at Buffalo.

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Naomi Stead

Naomi Stead is a columnist for Places. She is an architecture critic and senior research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia.

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