Landscape Will Thank You to Remember That

If landscape is defined as the topographical landform + the constructions sited there + the cultural desires at work in the making of those constructions + the assumptions a viewer brings to all of the above, then how do we distinguish between landscape as mediated by an artist and landscape as mediated by an architect? And why does it matter?

Public art is a growth sector for architects. But when it comes to objects in landscape, our experience is altered by who builds what and how we know the difference.




  • Sandy Isenstadt
  • Aaron Rothman
  • Despina Stratigakos

Sandy Isenstadt

Sandy Isenstadt is a professor of architectural history at the University of Delaware, and a columnist for Places.

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Aaron Rothman

Aaron Rothman is a columnist for Places. A monograph of his artwork, Signal Noise, is forthcoming from Radius Books.

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David Heymann

David Heymann is a columnist for Places. He is an architect, and the Harwell Hamilton Harris Regents Professor in Architecture at the University of Texas, Austin.

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Despina Stratigakos

Despina Stratigakos, an associate professor at the University of Buffalo, is a columnist for Places and author of Where Are the Women Architects? and other books on architectural history.

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