Housing styles in New Orleans

14 to 1: Post-Katrina Architecture by the Numbers

How have the citizens of New Orleans been choosing to rebuild their residences, post-Katrina? What do their choices reveal about the contemporary city? Media coverage has focused so keenly on the experimental projects of Make It Right that we might reasonably conclude they are typical of the city’s reconstruction. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The focus on Make It Right might suggest that contemporary residential architecture is typical of post-Katrina New Orleans. Nothing could be further from the truth.




  • Naomi Stead
  • Aaron Rothman
  • Keith Eggener
  • Simon Sadler

Naomi Stead

Naomi Stead is a columnist for Places. She is an architecture critic and senior research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia.

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Aaron Rothman

Aaron Rothman is the photo editor of Places, and an artist and writer whose work explores contemporary issues in landscape.

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Keith Eggener

Keith Eggener is a columnist for Places. He is Marion Dean Ross Professor of Architectural History at the University of Oregon.

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Simon Sadler

Simon Sadler is a columnist for Places. He teaches the history and theory of architecture, design, and urbanism across several programs at the University of California, Davis, where he is a professor in the Department of Design.

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