David Goldblatt photograph

David Goldblatt and the Indeterminate Landscape

David Goldblatt’s long career of photographing incomplete or demolished architectures deconstructs the vision of South Africa as “empty” according to European and colonial schemas — even as his images express an ambivalent postcolonial sense of belonging to that “empty” land.

The South African David Goldblatt spent seven decades photographing the still-unfinished project of building equitable cities, towns, and infrastructures in his nation — and beyond.




  • Barbara Penner
  • Naomi Stead
  • Keith Eggener

Barbara Penner

Barbara Penner is a columnist for Places. She is Professor of Architectural Humanities at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

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Naomi Stead

Naomi Stead is a columnist for Places. She is an architecture critic and Head of Architecture at Monash University.

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Keith Eggener

Keith Eggener is a columnist for Places. He is Marion Dean Ross Professor of Architectural History at the University of Oregon.

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Gabrielle Esperdy

Gabrielle Esperdy is a columnist for Places. She is associate professor of architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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